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Much of my recent work has applied and developed methods to predict phenotypic traits from functional brain imaging data. This work began during my 4th year of medical school, during a six-month post-doc at Oxford University with Eugene Duff, Catherine Harmer, and Michael Browning. Here, I used a support vector machine learning algorithm to predict antidepressant response in task-based fMRI.


More recently, I have worked with Todd Constable to apply connectome-based predictive modeling to predict phenotypic traits. I am currently collecting computational phenotypes in multiple patient populations with the hope of predicting these phenotypes from connectome data. 


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Barron DS, The Ethical Challenges of Machine Learning in Psychiatry: a focus on data, diagnosis & treatment. Psychological Medicine (in press, 2021).


As a graduate student working with Peter Fox, I applied and helped develop coordinate-based meta-analytic methods, primarily in reference to the BrainMap database. By pairing the results of neuroimaging studies with their relevant meta-data, BrainMap facilitates coordinate-based meta-analysis (CBMA) of the neuroimaging literature en masse or at the level of experimental paradigm, clinical disease, or anatomic location. Initially dedicated to the functional, task-activation literature, I helped expand the BrainMap database to include voxel-based morphometry (VBM) studies.


I have used BrainMap data to model changes in brain structure and/or function in multiple diseases including temporal lobe epilepsy (more below in Biomarker Development), stuttering, Parkinsonism, and eating disorders. I have further used BrainMap to model the functional divisions of brain regions such as the thalamic pulvinar and hippocampus.


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My graduate school work developed a brain-based biomarker to lateralize seizure onset zone in temporal lobe epilepsy patients. We first developed a refined, meta-analytic model of brain damage in temporal lobe epilepsy patients that focused on the thalamus and hippocampus (paper above).


We then applied this model in independent structural (T1 and diffusion weighted MRI) and resting-state fMRI datasets. My efforts in predictive modeling (above) are born of my desire to develop quantative biomarkers for brain disease.


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Barron DS, Krystal J. Why Does Psychiatry Lack Biomarkers? In preparation.

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